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Welcome to the beautiful world of refreshing, amazing teas that will help change your life towards the better. We are SO Tea - a professional online tea shop for rare and unique teas, and we are here to guide you through the world of natural, amazing teas. We are based in Singapore, and we believe good teas should be shared with as many people as possible by sourcing for the most outstanding quality tea ingredients and seeking every possibility to keep costs low. So tea lovers like you would get to enjoy the best that mother Earth has to offer through OUR TEA CREATIONS.

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Why should you drink tea?

Even from 2-3 millennia ago, people have been drinking tea. Chinese tea in particular is one of the oldest ones out there. And according to a lot of people, it’s also the best type of tea that you could ever check out. What makes tea amazing is the fact that it encourages you to boost your health, and at the same time, it’s very refreshing.

But it also has a plethora of amazing benefits as well. It helps you reduce the risk of a heart attack. It also boosts exercise endurance and it has a plethora of antioxidants. This helps prevent oxidation, and in doing that it eliminates many health problems related to your liver, prostate, stomach, lungs, skin, colon, breast, and so on. It’s one of the best ways to handle cancer, not to mention it helps fight free radicals.

On top of that, tea is hydrating for your body and it even delivers UV ray protection. It makes it easy to lose weight naturally, and it’s particularly good for counteracting the downsides of smoking too. In fact, people that have type 2 diabetes try out ginger tea, chamomile tea, or Oolong tea as one of the best ways to keep that disease under control. Tea even helps you deal with radiation.

With help from tea, you get to have a healthy, amazing life and you also enjoy some times with your family and friends as you relax and enjoy the experience. It’s exhilarating and exciting at the same time, exactly what you need in a situation like this.

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What type of tea is the best for you?

When you browse a tea shop you always find out a variety of tea types. And while variety is great, it can also lead to confusion because you don’t know what tea works for you. Here you have a quick list of teas that you may want to try out.

  • Ginger tea is among some of the best types of tea in Singapore and all over the world. It’s spicy and also flavorful. It can be used to stimulate the immune system. A lot of people also use it to deal with nausea. Moreover, it’s great against stomach ulcers, and it helps women deal with menstruation-related pains. It’s even great against diabetes too, so it’s well worth it to try out our blend of Ginger & Lemongrass tea.
  • Herbal tea comes with a combination of various natural herbs. While ingredients vary, it’s always a good idea to try out herbal tea because it’s healthy and it gives most if not all of the benefits listed above.
  • Rooibos tea is mostly found in South Africa. Despite that, more and more people started importing and drinking Rooibos tea all over the world. This has been used for a very long time to boost bone health. It also prevents heart disease, and it can also help you manage your cholesterol levels a lot easier. The Rejuvenate tea from our collection gives you the best balance of what Rooibos and other herbs have to offer.

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  • Chamomile tea is a favorite for those that like to enjoy a moment of calmness and sleep better. It can protect your liver, and it fights stomach ulcers and diarrhea. So yes, drinking Unwind – our unique Chamomile herbal tea blend - is a very healthy choice indeed and one that will help you do just that - unwind and relax after a busy day!
  • Our collection of Premium Asian Teas and Floral Teas are at the core of our creations – combining the very best that Asian teas and sweet-scenting flowers have to offer! Pu erh flower blends such as Extraordinary combining pu erh with rose, and Soulmate from our Master Collection bringing together Aged Pu erh and Aged Tangerine Peel, are traditional Chinese classics which we are proud to share with you.
  • White Tea and Oolong teas – two other ever-popular Chinese teas - are available either the tea by itself or blended with sweet-scenting flowers to give them the unique and rare taste profiles which we are particularly strong at creating. Whether it’s the organic version of White Tea or our exquisite blend of Osmanthus White Tea, you’ll get to enjoy the best of white teas! Not to missed are teas from the Oolong range including Organic Oolong and Osmanthus Oolong. Our tea creations from the Premium Asian Tea collection are some of the best teas that you would want to add to your list of favourites!

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  • Lovers of flower teas would find SO Tea to be home to the most uniquely aromatic flower tea blends which we’re proud to share, not to mention we’ve poured countless hours into creating them. Joy and Serenity are carefully crafted blend of rose petals with white tea and jasmine tea, respectively. The sweet aroma of rose especially at the point of opening the packaging is one experience you don’t want to miss!
  • Osmanthus tea is another great flower tea which we've gone to extensive lengths to create. Whether it’s the Osmanthus White Tea, Osmanthus Black Tea, Osmanthus Pu erh or Osmanthus Oolong, you’ll find a taste profile that never ceases to amaze.
  • Genmaicha is an amazing brown rice tea and has great benefits related to antioxidants, lowering blood pressure, protecting your heart and relaxing your body. Hojicha is also Japanese tea, it’s roasted, and it does boost the immune system, protects oral health and it even helps with stress relief too, which is always great to have.

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Buying the best type of tea for you

As you can see, there are some amazing types of tea out there. Each one of them has its own distinct profile, so it may be hard to figure out what you want to focus on. What we recommend you to do is to try out various teas in smaller quantities like our Family Value Pack of 3 teas or Family Value Pack of 6 teas, and see what you like.

What stands out at SO Tea is that you get to experience unique and rare tea blends made from premium grade full-leaf teas as the base, and the freshest possible tea ingredients made possible through our careful storage and packaging methods depending on the nature of each type of tea. We’re confident you’ll find the right type of tea to suit your senses!