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Freshness of Our Teas

To naturally preserve the freshness of different teas, we differentiated storage & packaging methods based on the nature of each type of tea.

We hope through our extensive care of the teas that we'd be able to share top quality teas with you!

From SO tea...

With LOVE...

Pricing for the Masses

We believe good teas should be shared with as many people as possible!

Although we have an extremely strict control of the quality and grade of teas, we seek every possibility to reduce cost, from post production transportation to warehousing, etc. in order to achieve a fair price for all tea lovers.

Through these amazing creations, we hope you'll be able to receive our LOVE, and that you'll reciprocate by showing CARE towards our beautiful garden Earth...

From SO tea...

With LOVE...

Premium Whole-leaf Teas & Ingredients, Exclusively...

You might notice that our teas are rare to find in the market.

Most of our ingredients are blended and packed using premium quality whole ingredients.

For instance, our Premium grade white tea peony always have some whitish-looking baby tea leaves. These baby tea leaves balance the entire tea blend with its clean and sweet profile. You would not get to taste these precious baby leaves if the tea ingredients are from cut ingredients. Most of these cut tea leaves are harvested in much later stage of their growth with lower quality.

We source our premium whole-leaf teas and delicately crush the leaves to ensure best balanced taste profile and quality.

Caring for the Environment

We try to cut down on packaging as much as possible, not only to pass on the cost-saving to our customers but also to lessen the impact on Mother Earth.

We pay particular attention to the types of material we use to minimize their impact on the environment. For instance, our tea bags are made from 100% plant-based biodegradable material.

Less processing

The amount of processing we subject our teas to are kept to a minimum in order to preserve their quality.

All ingredients used are absolutely natural. Besides, most of our ingredients are from organic plantations, while some are certified organic ingredients.

All ingredients used in our collection of organic teas are certified organic.

Less handlers

We also try to cut down on the intermediate handlers as much as we could, linking the ingredients source to the packing facilities in as few processes as possible. This is to ensure guaranteed quality in terms of ingredients grade and freshness.

Enjoy a cup of pure beauty!!

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